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The specialization in Business Administration is defined as the specialization that expresses the processes, activities, tasks and issues that organize activities of all kinds, such as the activities of companies, institutions and organizations. These tasks include control, planning, organization, supervision, leadership and follow-up processes. This major offers students with lots of information on numerous areas, for example marketing, finance, management, human resources, and accounting. This is a positive point because it helps students determine which major they want to study if they want to get a master’s or doctorate in business administration. 

What are the administrative specialties?

The business administration degree encompasses a group of majors and fields that complement each other and one of them cannot abandon the other! That is, no one can open a company that contains a business manager and does not contain a financial manager, for example!

So let’s know these areas:

Public relations: Public administration, or public relations, differs from corporate administration in regards to the influence of human factors on the conduct of the administrative process in the company. It refers to the activities carried out by the institution in order to familiarize people with the nature of their work using various means, as public relations aims to develop the presentation of the company by obtaining feedback.

Marketing: This field, or specialization, studies the means and methods that the company uses to collect its profits and includes the activities that the company undertakes to determine the target group of clients and customers

Advertising: This specialization can be classified in the marketing section as it includes the promotion of the services and products offered by the company and indicates the method used, i.e. the advertising methods used to promote a product with the aim of attracting people to purchase this product. So, make profits.

Finance: Finance deals with the finances of the company and its management. If you are solely interested in pursuing finance or accounting related subjects, you can look up accounting courses or ijazah sarjana muda perakaunan in Malaysia for more.

Processes Logistics, logistics: This is the aspect responsible for supplying the company’s products to customers, be they individuals or companies. That is, it is the party responsible for the flow of goods, products, services, energy, information and resources.

Human Resources: It deals with the role of the human factor in the management of everything related to financial matters, such as profits, losses and capital. Human resources are concerned with focusing on the tasks that employees are required to complete and human resources are responsible for providing compensation, rewards and incentives provided to employees. It is about helping employees, strengthening relationships between them, training them, hiring them, developing them and developing their skills.Suppose you have six students studying these majors at Widad University and want to open a company together after graduation. So the first is the public relations officer, the second is the promoter or marketing manager, the third is the advertising employee, the fourth is the financial director, the fifth is the logistics operations officer, i.e. operations delivery, and the sixth is the human resources officer, or HR.

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