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Have you ever feel that you don’t have much work BUT you feel so busy? I don’t really have nothing to do but this week is going to be a pretty busy week for me, I have dance practice tomorrow and another practice on Saturday, also I have to print my design for my cookie business 😛 I’m going to have choir practice on Thursday plus, I’m gonna have lunch with my best friend on that day too. Then on Friday… I think I’m going to have something on Friday too.. Dear Lord… The thing is, I don’t feel really well lately; I feel so restless.. Ahh… Anyways these pictures was taken after the first outfit, it was more like fun pictures rather than “outfit pictures”. I changed my clothes because I was all sweaty. Hahaha.. Have a nice week everyone!


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I wish I were a mermaid. A tail that sparkles and shines. I’d swim every single day, with the fishy friends of mine ♥

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