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Smaller satellite brands are grappling with the shifting balance of influence as voice technology continues to rise, threatening the domination of mobile superpowers Apple and Samsung. The decision to partner with a single virtual assistant or to stay platform agnostic has an effect on how consumer electronics companies advertise themselves. Consumer electronics have always been a part of people’s lives ever since consumers have been purchasing electronics for themselves. These electronics have always been improving the lives of the common folk with new inventions being made and sold every single year. Every year, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) reveals and promotes new consumer electronic products for people to potentially buy and own.

Every year, the Fortune Global 500 lists the world’s 500 most powerful corporations. These businesses made a net profit of $27.7 trillion dollars in 2016. But the electronics firms come out on top on this illustrious list? Consumer electronics are also very useful when working on mlm softwares as you would need to check how the software works on a consumer electronic device. We will begin to list down the best three consumer electronic brands below.

  1. Samsung

Samsung sets the bar for its peers in this year’s ranking as the only company that leads in organic search exposure toward unbranded search keywords across various product categories (TV, phone, and mobile). It’s also one of the few brands with multi-criteria sorting and filtering options on its web pages. Samsung has several social media pages that appeal to diverse product lines and markets, resulting in vibrant Twitter and Facebook communities. It rounds out its interactive capabilities with a best-in-class shopping app that offers features that few other CE brands offer, such as geolocation, social media, and the ability to turn on alerts.

2. Apple

Apple has the most extensive online footprint and site authority of all tracked brands, giving it exposure across multiple received media channels and the largest share of desktop video ads. Its one-of-a-kind smartphone interface offers tailored product reviews based on previous orders and user type, as well as convenient in-app transactional resources. Finally, Apple’s social media presence mixes user-generated and expert imagery, resulting in the second-highest number of interactions per post on Instagram.

3. Sony

Sony’s mobile site soars thanks to a well-optimized product comparison tool that effortlessly guides consumers to third-party vendors with the opportunity to view inventory stock prior to handoff. In addition, the brand has the fourth highest Instagram audience, with a high number of interactions per message. Finally, Sony’s website represents the same well-rounded approach, with fluid handoff to third-party vendors, easy access to branded listings on e-tailer product sites, and a wide range of e-tailer options.

In conclusion, consumer electronics always improve our lives as ordinary common people, with newer better phones, we can enjoy higher quality entertainment for possibly longer by having a phone or a tablet with a bigger battery capacity so you enjoy a longer battery life. Besides mobile phones, better TVs, monitors, and laptops are also one of the many different products that get upgraded and better iterations every year. For more articles like this one, click here.

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