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With the high demand for connectivity and higher data transmission speeds, data center workloads are growing rapidly every year. Operators and administrators no longer only have to worry about supporting the current load and speeds, but they must also prepare the network infrastructure to support future applications, a scenario where Fiber Optics is presented as an efficient solution.

However, in order to take advantage of all the benefits that fiber can bring, rapid and efficient deployments are necessary. Faster fiber optic deployments mean shorter time to market, which with the right strategy can have a positive effect on both initial investment and operating expenses. Building a fiber infrastructure shouldn’t mean adding more complexity; Done the right way it can offer the ultimate in simplicity, not only in administration, but also in planning and operating across the network.

As companies continue to see fiber optics as a solution to new connectivity needs and greater bandwidth, they will be able to better face the problems of latency and high densification of their networks, not only in centers of data, but in the same way in the infrastructure of the so-called Smart Buildings.

As the IoT continues to grow and 5G threatens its arrival, the proper functioning of the network infrastructure of companies will be a critical mission for fiber optics, so that even today the administrators and operators of these cannot give the luxury of not contemplating it for your network deployments. It is important to develop technology today with which to innovate and face the future, so when we talk about buildings or smart cities it is vital to talk about fiber, since its role is critical considering that a totally technological future is coming. As dependence on connectivity grows, Tm Unifi as a company committed to innovation, has continued to seek to develop solutions that help its customers face the challenges that exist today, with Migration platform to High Speed, all to ensure optimal performance and an infrastructure ready for 5-10 years.

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