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Easy Food Recipe

After months of working and studying from home, It is time to return to the office and classes! Packed lunches are one of the essential things that we should prepare beforehand. Hence, meal prepping is important, to make sure the food inside your container is in order. Since we’re used to food delivery during the lockdown, why not save some money and make our own affordable and delicious lunch! Here are 3 Easy Recipes you can try, to fill your lunch boxes!

Banana Fritters

Pancakes are delicious, but how about trying something new, like banana fritters! Anything fried is both delicious and time saving. This is because the batter that is used to make pancakes and fritters are the same. So, why not try dipping those ripe bananas into the batter and fry them up! You’ll have a sweet and crispy lunch in no time! You can also enjoy them with some honey or any other dipping sauce. Sweet and fulfilling!

Easy Food Recipes

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Of course, if you have no time to go through the hassle of preparing a batter, you could try rice paper instead! As the name suggest, this ingredient is made out of rice starch. It would get very sticky when it comes in contact with water. One of the many recipes you could try by using this ingredient is the famous Vietnamese Spring Rolls! It is like the tortilla wrap, but easier and less time-consuming. All you need to do is dip the rice paper into water and lay it out. Put whatever you like inside as the filling! From the healthy choice of various vegetables, shrimp, chicken tenders, or noodles. Finally, wrap it up, and you got yourself a delicious present that you can see-through it! The surprise comes when you take a bite of it! You could also dip it in various types of dipping sauce, or go with the simple chilli sauce would do as well.

Easy Food Recipes

Crispy Pancakes

Another recipe that you can try by using rice paper is making crispy pancakes! Its proper name is Viatnamese Bánh xèo. The dish is both crispy and savoury, a truly fulfilling lunch to enjoy. This time around, the rice paper should be placed on a pan with the fire on low heat. Crack an egg on top of it and smeared it gently – make sure it reaches the edges as well. Chop some green onions and sausages, then sprinkle them on the rice paper. Wait for it to cook properly, then put your favourite sauces! Chilli sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or any other. Finally, fold the rice paper gently, and you got yourself a crispy pancake!

There are so many other easy food recipes you can enjoy – that are both affordable and time saving, especially when you’re a college student. So, next time when you want to pack your lunch, why not save some money in the process, by trying out these delicious delicacies.

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