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Everyone would get bored at home at some point. After working your role in website design Malaysia services all day in one sitting, you would feel the need to get out of your room after being cooped up for so long. Also, the leisure time you have will pass with barely anything to do since the COVID-19 pandemic is still running wild, which prohibited you from going out too much. 

If you are a book geek and need something new to read after those longtime genres of fantasies and science fiction, here are 4 knowledgeable books you should read to open your mind while being stuck at home:

The Art Of War (Sun Tzu)

There are many lessons from the military treatise you can take by heart whether in a ‘war’ sense or business sense. This famous text from Sun Tze became famous 2500 years later as a guide for businesses or dealing with conflicts of all sorts. This book provides knowledge on how to deal with ruthless competitions, whether internal or external, and handling an individual’s battle with themselves, with their competitors, or nature. To put it simply, The Art of War is a handbook on how to approach conflict with life instructions to practice. 

Thus Spake Zarathustra (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Also known as Thus Sprach Zarathustra, the book is an esoteric treatise on philosophy and morality with irony as the focal point of the text. Zarathustra, a prophet in the book, argues that religions teach human beings to deny themselves, the physical world, and responsibilities for their own values. This densely Bible language diction is used by Nietzsche to present his ideas and opposition to Judaeo-Christian morality and traditions.

The Myth Of Sisyphus (Albert Camus)

The Myth Of Sisyphus teaches the readers that, there is happiness that can be found in our continuous yet unchangeable circumstances, and that accepting with an open heart can redeem oneself. The story revolves around a character in Greek Mythology named Sisyphus, who was condemned to push up a heavy rock on a steep hill and watch it roll down due to its own weight, then do so repetitively for all eternity. A clever yet wicked man, the founder and first ruler of Ephyra takes pleasure in killing travelers and guests whenever they came. He who violates the sacred laws of hospitality has angered the gods with his trickster nature, to the point that he escapes death twice. Zeus finally brought him to the underworld where he was punished with a lifetime of punishment which is pointless for him as there is no end to this. He has to take it as retribution for his self-aggrandizing ways.

How Karma Works (Sonam Rinchen)

We all have established about the cycle of cause and effect, but have you ever feel curious about how it really works in depth? Sonam Rinchen’s work on describing the result of a person’s action as well as the actions themselves explains the wonders of karma in our lives.

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