Hello! This is sergeantkero speaking! My real name is Caroline Robianto, I just turned 22 last July! CarolCoraline is not my first blog, maybe some of you already knew me from The Sour Cherry (thesourcherry.com) that I made back in April 2009. I stopped few years ago because I had some “identity crisis”. But on June 2011, I decided to give blogging another go. I really hope you guys like my new blog.

You can call me Kero or Carol. Sergeantkero is a nickname that I established back in 2009. It was inspired by Japanese anime, Sergeant Keroro or Keroro Gunsou. Obviously, I really love fashion. I love to sit in front of my mac, browsing around all day, which I can’t do anymore because I’m working now. You might think that I’m obnoxious, unfriendly, and mean when you first see me, but I’m really quite the opposite (based on true friends’ stories). I’m quite dorky and sometimes I don’t like to go out. I prefer going out with my closest friends rather than in a big group of friends. I love to travel, going to theme parks really lights up my day. I love Disneyland, and all things about disney. I’m child-like, I don’t really want to grow up. I’m quite shy but I have no shame when I’m with my girls.

Recently Korean Pop Culture has influenced my life a lot, don’t say “WTF” because someday you will be addicted to it too! I hate horror movies, I love sour food, I like colors that are weird, I think I’m quite weird. I prefer to wait rather than to be waited. I’m very punctual, I don’t like being late. I’m quite a clean freak, I love hand sanitizer, I don’t like it when people being sloppy. I’m messy but I like everything to be clean. I think being funny, smart, and have a great taste (in everything) are far more important than being pretty/handsome.

Enjoy Your Life.

Be Bitchy, Stay Classy.

A pretty girl is nothing when she has ugly personality. Still, no matter how nice you are, appearance matters.

email me: caroline.robianto@gmail.com