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A lot of people would like to live abroad. At the moment, there are millions of Malaysians who live overseas. This migration happens for a lot of reasons. Some for work, some for education, some for opportunities and if your life is filled with luxury, then maybe you can migrate for fun. It truly depends on the person why they wish to migrate. I once went travelling to the Netherlands and while riding the train, a man approached me and sat down next to me. Apparently, he had noticed me speaking in Malay and he told me that he is a Malay from Singapore and he missed hearing people speak Malay so he started to speak Malay with me. He told me that he has been working in the Netherlands for two years and he loves his job there. He said as much as he misses his hometown, he loves living in the Netherlands too much to leave it too soon. He would want to enjoy it as much as possible before he has to go back to Singapore. He also recommends people to try live or work abroad because it will be a whole journey where you get to re-discover yourself. In support of that, this article would give three benefits of living abroad. 

1 – Improve communication skill

When you move to another country, you would have to learn their language. You can acquire additional skills in life by learning new languages and if you have the opportunities, you can tutor your own native language to the locals there. For some, it can boost their confidence when they start to communicate in the native language there and it can help improve their communication skill. You would make more friends there and widen your social circle. 

2 – Makes you stronger

When you start to live abroad, whether you like it or not, you have to become independent. People who survive living overseas tend to have maturity, adaptability, motivation and initiation. You will face many unexpected problems and you will have to fit yourself into society somehow. You are far from your comfort zone and you are not surrounded by familiar surroundings. You only have yourself to rely on so you need to know how to handle the stress and problems but if you can do that, you would be so much stronger. It is a life lesson because not everyone can help you. You will be alone at the end of the day and if you can be independent, you can survive anything challenges thrown at you. Believe it or not, this is some of the characteristics many overseas companies look for. 

3 – Learn new culture

A country’s culture is one of the top things you would have to adapt to. It can be very different from yours but do not be discouraged by that because getting to learn new culture would develop a sense of appreciation towards the locals in that country. The nuances of their culture are what defines them and you as a foreigner would need to accept the significance of it for the people. What you read and hear may differ from what you experience so be open with it. My advice is instead of pointing out the differences and label it as negative, just embrace the differences. You will feel more at peace.

It is undeniable that when there are pros, there are cons but you learn from one another. Living overseas is not easy and it is not always sunshine and rainbows but you will gain valuable lessons from it. Think of it as an experience you would like to acquire which many others don’t have the opportunity to experience. To feel better, try to make your house feel like a home, at least that would be your familiar place when other things are so different. If you are thinking of moving to Malaysia, I would recommend searching for Bangsar condo for sale because it is a place close to the city center but still peaceful. You can also visit Edgeprop to buy and rent a property.
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Georgia Ortiz