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So, people always often ask if first time mothers or even breastfeeding mothers need some TLC is it? The answer is, “hell yes!”. Imagine the pain of a mother who goes through labor to get us to this world, and imagine the pain everytime we drink from here, how painful it can be. As a human, and a child to our mother we all should show some token of appreciation to the women who were the reason behind our existence and always pour them with your love.

Is confinement needed?

Well, it depends on the people, as to people who don’t know, there are some mothers who don’t practise any kind of confinement after delivering their babies, and it’s totally fine. Because all of this issue depends on the individual’s preference to, and on how they want to be after their delivery. Some mothers just simply want a practice confinement period because they are well aware of the benefit that it has, while others simply won’t and don’t have the interest in doing it, since it’s called as lame and too traditional for them. Again, this is their wish and it’s their body. 

Why is mother care important?

Mother care is important, because, once a mother goes through the transition of being pregnant for about nine months to going into delivering a child, a woman’s body will go through a dozens and a tons of changes in their hormones that will cause pigmentation of skin, or even some say the glow of skin being dull, soreness, pains, cramps, and even joints paints. The reason behind mother care is to enable mothers to heal from the wound that has been caused during childbirth to breastfeeding as well. I am aware that many of us would think that breastfeeding could barely even do anything to a mother. But that’s where you got it wrong. A new mother has only two options with her when it comes to breastfeeding. The first one, to ensure that her baby drinks her milk and doesn’t go without breast milk. The second option is to use a breast milk pumper to extract the milk out. But what if the mother doesn’t do that? Well, great question because this will cause the mothers breast to be swollen to an extent even if the baby tries to suckle on it, it would give the poor mother an excruciating pain. This all due to her sore nipple that has been swelled up from not being sucked by her baby.

How to prevent this?

In order to prevent all of this from happening, we should always consider in purchasing mother care essential products that would be helpful to all mothers out there. And if you are thinking of what kind of product you should purchase or what kind of brand to even buy, try where they have amazing products for not only mothers but for the little joy of life too. And if the person who reading this, is going to be a new mother herself or might need to some TLC for yourself, go and check out the website to know more about lasinoh.

Georgia Ortiz