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Supermarkets can be quite crowded especially on the weekends. The sound of trolleys, the beeping sound at the counter as you make your payment, the dreadfully long queues, the sound of children playing tags at the ice-cream section; it is hectic for some or not so for others. It can be chaotic or a bit of a bustle when you are on the run to put food on the table or any essentials to fill in the house for easier access to do chores such as cleaning the bathroom, feeding the stray cats outside, cooking for dinner, gardening your front yard and many more.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on both social and economical means to the nation. Even buying groceries has its own restrictions where only one or two people are allowed to do grocery in each family. There are also limitations to the total number of people entering the supermarket at each time and you can not help but to wait for your turn to go through your grocery list. 

The good side of the world is we are living in an innovative technology where everything has been made easier and convenient for us. In this case, grocery shopping is no longer a problem for us anymore, because we are provided with online shopping platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Foodpanda, Grab and many other websites to be delivered right at your door. You can even make purchases at fruit delivery online malaysia if you are craving for seafood dishes or fruits and vegetable delivery malaysia for a healthier diet in your food consumption such as making salad.

With that out of the way, here are the best online grocery stores to shop and fill your food supplies:

  1. Tesco 

Tesco has been operating way back since 2001. This British multinational grocery chain offers freshly produced products and are among the first supermarkets in Malaysia to establish an online delivery service. It has a systematic operation in organizing customer delivery times where you can select a delivery slot and allow three weeks of ordering in advance. However, with Tesco as the nation’s main choice, it is best to act as quickly because the slots often run out before you know it!

  1. Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is famous for its importance in high quality products featuring a lot of imported brands and rare ingredients (hence, its pricey tags). Founded in 2007, this premium supermarket is the most trustworthy chain in Klang Valley. The best part is they already have their own online store too! The website has a user-friendly nature and always updates their shoppers the latest products, new arrivals and promotions to chase.

  1. Giant

For a humbler option or you have a budget to comply, Giant is the right place for you. 

This hypermarket lives up to its name for its ‘giant’ promises of great quality, big variety

and most importantly, its affordable prices. Founded in 1944 (that’s 77 years ago!), Giant offers over 100,00 items, from household merchandise, daily essentials, newly fresh products and general items. Now that is indeed a wide range of selection!

Looking for frozen goods? Frozen food malaysia has all the things you need.

Georgia Ortiz