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Alpha Cloud Backup Malaysia

A data storage is a medium for recording technological data information, technically in an electrical mechanism. This storage enables the user to store their data in a lot of different sizes and share them to the other users. It can be stored temporarily and permanently depending on how you’re gonna use it. 

There are generally a lot of ways to store your data and keep it safe from being missing or getting hacked by viruses. In terms of physical, you got these hard disks, pen-drive and also CDs for you to store your data. However, this is an old-school way but yes it is still reliable.  We are currently living in a technological era where everything is getting advanced day by day. Here are some best ways for you to save and backup your data; 

  1. External Hard Disk

Hard Disks have existed a long time ago and people have been using them since then until now. It is physically heavy but the size of data that it can store is so tremendous. There are a lot of types of hard disks with different kinds of sizes. Generally, you can obtain these external hard disks on any computer shops or IT shops nearby your house with the price range only below rm100. It was the perfect data storage for anyone who loves to save a lot of files including documents, images or even videos. 

2.USB Flash-Drive

What are the other things that became famous after the existence of the external hard disks? Yes, it’s the USB flash-drive or known as pendrive. It is slightly lighter and smaller than the hard disk in terms of size. This is one of the best things that has happened due to technological advancement. People are storing their data on this pendrive and carry it away easily inside their bag. While the prices are still reasonable, there are still people using this flash drive USB even as a backup storage to their cloud storage. 

3. Compact Disc (CDs) 

This type of storage is in the form of optical storage. A technology which will employ the laser and light to scan and read the data. For example, this type of storage was popular to store music, like your favorite artist releasing a new album or single. Right now, there are still some people who are using this type of storage and it turns out there are a lot of types of CD such as CD-ROMS, CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

4. Cloud Storage 

Alpha Cloud Backup Malaysia

The best cloud data storage came with the end to end encryption to keep your data storage safe. This data storage does not exist in terms of physical. Some of the cloud data storage services offer you free storage and you can use it depending on the size given. Other than that, the fees were also affordable for additional spaces. Since this data is remotable, you can access your storage anywhere and anytime you want. 

How about a big company? A bigger space and data storage needed. There is Alpha Cloud Backup Malaysia that offers you to solve this problem with reasonable small company prices. Built with the best technology, a complex combination of standard and proprietary software integrated into a single Data Protection platform.

Georgia Ortiz