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When it comes to a product’s marketing plan, the brand and image of that brand are critical. There are private labels that have been created specifically for certain product lines or categories, and these are known as “range private label” labels. When it comes to a product’s marketing plan, the brand and image of that brand are critical.

Some more scenarios where brand architecture may be seen in action

In the context of services such as leisure, renting, banking, and so on, a service brand produces value. This characteristic symbol serves to identify a certain piece of work as belonging to a particular brand. As a result of its popularity, this branding strategy emphasizes genuine creativity as opposed to a commodity. It’s one of a kind and unique in its own right. For example, this trademark might be an actual brand name or logo, such as the Chanel label. It is critical to work with a reputable branding agency in Malaysia.

The company’s luxury brand strategy and positioning are carried over directly into the luxury brand (example: Dior, Chanel, etc.). The premium brand, on the other hand, was not created to meet a specific client need. As shown by things that may be categorized as “emblematic,” it is more precisely a social landmark (example: Louis Vuitton bags).

An industrial brand is a company’s brand that is well-known in the industrial sector and has achieved awareness among the general public (B to B).

Techniques of brand marketing

branding agency

Companies have a wide range of brand strategies to select from, such as:

Unrelated to the producer, a product branding strategy, depending on how close you look, you can’t see the corporate logo at all or it’s barely visible. Each product label is given its own positioning strategy in this scenario. This method necessitates communication expenditures for each brand, and the subsidiary brands do not get the advantages of the parent brand’s image and notoriety.

When it comes to a product’s marketing plan, the brand and image of that brand are critical. The Procter & Gamble brand is being phased out in favor of product names like as Ariel, Dash, Pampers, and so on, as an illustration of this shift.

Using a product branding strategy with a well-known company brand

Consumers might have faith in a company’s brand because it promotes its products and gives them confidence in themselves. Because their parent companies profit from their image and reputation, product brands can communicate more easily. However, this makes it more difficult for them to be distinctive in their positioning.

Stretching of the brand

It’s a strategy for expanding into new markets by repurposing the brand name for new goods that capitalize on the company’s existing market position.

What a product calls its “brand” and “image”

As an example, Virgin, a corporate brand, may be found in Virgin Stores (store brands) and on Virgin mobile devices (alternative mobile telephone operator).


If two or more brands collaborate on the creation and/or promotion of a product or service, they have entered into an agreement known as an alliance (co-branding). In this alliance, the partners complement one other’s talents, or they are looking for a synergy effect at the advertising level to maximise their advertising budgets.

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