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Casual Saturday

Do you know how hot Jakarta’s weather these days? It is so hot that the second I go out of my room, I start to sweat. But today the sky seemed to be cloudy. So I threw something simple on. Went to salon today, I went to One Piece for scalp treatment and this is what my hair looks like after I permed it on Monday 😀 Gotta say that I like it. What do you think? Anyways have a great weekend everyone!

I’ll just make a quick post about how grateful I am to know someone like Michelle. I almost wept when I read her post Sour Love. I’m very happy, thankful… I just don’t know how to express it 🙂 Thank you so much chel 🙂 You made me feel very glad to be back on blogsphere. Anyway, I’ll tell you more later 😀 

Have a nice weekend peeps!

Georgia Ortiz