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There are many ways to learn. Some children learn by listening, others by touching, and others by watching anime. Each learning style has its own unique and distinctive characteristics. When it comes to visual learning, there are many ways children can “ visually learn ” in modern times, one of which is an internet-connected cell phone and a TV in the living room, where kids can play and Watch their favourite animated movies with great interest.

Parents should notice the time of watching T.V

No doubt anime can be very effective in the mental development of the kids but despite that parents should notice the time that kids consume in watching T.V. Parents should keep their children up to five years in front of the screen for a limited amount of time, such as screen time, including cell phone, computer and television. an hour or two. In no case more than. At the same time, parents should ensure that their children spend limited time in front of the screen in a positive and educational way. Most parents also complain that today’s cartoons are corrupting their children’s morale, which is a great complaint.

 Positive effects of animation

However, some cartoon characters are very popular with children, which provide educational entertainment for children, as they are instructive and have a positive psychological effect on children. Let’s find out how different animated characters, through good deeds, have the same positive effect on children and adults.

Each of us must have seen the famous “Line King” movie in our childhood and Frozen movie in recent years. In a story based on Simba’s determination and struggle, several characters are seen embracing and strengthening their relationship 

Older sister Elsa has magical abilities in the Disney movie “Frozen” which is a love story between two sisters. In the film, he also touches his beloved younger sister Anna, after which he slowly begins to turn into ice. Other characters believe that unless Anna is hugged by a lover, she will not return to her original state and will eventually die from permanent ice. At the last moment Elsa arrives and hugs her crying sister, after which Anna wakes up and the effect of the snow wears off. The film captures the meaning and depth of the sisters’ love.

In Finding Nemo, a love story between father and son, a hunter catches a fish named Nemo, after which his father, Marilyn, travels across the ocean to find him. After a tireless struggle and countless dangers, she finally manages to find her son and free him from captivity. The emotional embrace of father and son on this occasion ignites the hearts of the spectators. These kinds of movies play a very important part in the emotional development of the kids.


The effect of animated movies on children is very strong, therefore we should notice what kind of anime programs are being watched by the kids? If they watch good and education oriented movies, then they can be very helpful in the character development of the kids. There are anime stores in Malaysia which have good and valuable merchandise to the public. Check out for more info about anime mercandise.

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Georgia Ortiz