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Renting out has never been an easy experience for the most of us. It is stressful and most of all, incredibly bad for our budget. Anyways, we have accepted paying rent everyday for our beautiful home in Balakong as the norm. It is what that needs to be done, but this is not to say there is no way to save money as we explore our rent paying options. Many people find wonderful opporiunties save the most of their money when paying rent. Some of the methods we choose happen to be a little out of the box, so it is always important to approach these methods with an open mind. There is no earning money without a little compromise there, is it? 


So let’s list some different ways you can save money while still renting out. We can be renting out as students or even as full time employees. Here is what you can do to ensure that it does not eat up your entire budget. 

Rent With Someone Or Rent To Someone 

Having a beautiful two or three bedroom home to ourselves means we have more space than we anticipated. And the only way we can save money while having a beautiful apartment is by sharing it with someone. So our genius idea to save would be to get ourselves a roommate whether that is one or two of them. If you wish you could sublet a room in your apartment to two people and use their shareof rent to cover atleast 50-80 percent of the rent. However,having a roommate brings about a lot of disruption and it certainly ruins the appeal of owning a apartment by yourself. When you get a roommate you have to share the common areas such as the kitchen and sometimes even the bathroom. You are also opening doors to more strangers and this can be a little scary. It is important we know the roommate well enough before making an arrangement with them. 

Make It Into A Holiday Home

Sometimes we might not stay at our rented aparrmtnwt as we would like to. If we are on a holiday we may be gone for weeks or sometimes even months. Depending on how our work is sometimes we may have to travel and stay in another city a lot. This may cause rent to pile up in your actual apartment. For this reason, a lot of people turn their leased apartmenent into a vacation home so that they could get their money’s worth.

Stay With Your Parents

Another good solution to save on rent completely is by staying with your family. Instead of moving out of your parents home, stay with them for a while and save up on the rent money. If they are renting out as well, you can contribute and still save tons. The budget we save may make living with our parents incredibly worthwhile. Not to mention, home cooked meals, no loneliness and having familiar faces around seems like the types of perks we all need. 

Georgia Ortiz