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My fellow college and uni students – I think we all know this feeling: 

Oh god, I have three assignments due this week and three more in the next. I’ve pulled two all-nighters in the past few days – I don’t have time to make myself a meal or eat out! Ugh…fine, I’ll just order takeout or make myself some instant ramen! 


For those struggling through college and university, being pressed for time between assignments is hardly a foreign feeling. And when the deadlines are looming, it can feel like you can’t even spare a moment to breathe – let alone make yourself a good meal! 

But before you place another order for greasy takeout food, or resign yourself for yet another day of instant ramen meals, here’s some fun news from me to you – what if I told you that you could make a delicious meal for yourself within five minutes?

Yep. Here I’ve compiled a list of some delicious meals that you can prepare for yourself quickly and efficiently. Even better? Most of these meals are ridiculously easy – you don’t have to be some master chef to cook them, or even have any background in the culinary field (or, as it’s known in Malay, bidang kulinari)! 

So for my fellow sleep-deprived students, here are some delicious meals you can make in 5 minutes! 

1. Mac n Cheese 

Ah, mac n cheese – the college student’s savior. 

Mac n Cheese has to be one of the most favored treats all around the world. Who doesn’t love a springy, chewy bowl of macaroni doused in creamy cheese, sprinkled in basil, and topped with delectable blends of seasonings? (Jeez – I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!) 

But mac n cheese isn’t just delicious – it’s also incredibly easy and quick to cook, and can be prepared with very few, very easy-to-get ingredients! The cheese sauce can be made with as few ingredients as butter, your favorite cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella, seasonings like black pepper and salt, and maybe even some herbs if you’re feeling a bit more fancy. If not – well, pre-made cheese blends from brands like Kraft’s have also got your back for a quicker, easier alternative! 

And after that? Well – all you have to do is boil some macaroni, mix it with sauce, and voila – a delicious, golden, creamy meal is yours to feast upon! 

2. Omelette 

Few foods on earth are more versatile than the good ole’ fashioned egg. There’s so many different and easy ways to prepare an egg to make yourself something quick and delicious – but today? We’re talking omelettes. 

Omelettes are incredibly easy to make, yet the resulting dish can be pretty rewarding. Break some eggs into a bowl, beat them up into a smooth mix, and pour them slowly into a hot pan. And then this is where recipes can get interesting – while omelettes can be kind of bland on their own, you can also add whatever types of ingredients you want to really make some flavors pop. Popular omelette ingredients can be cheese, herbs, butter, and mushrooms, all mixed together to create something truly mouth-watering! 

3. Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla wraps are truly one of the best quick, few-ingredient, and delicious meals you can opt for. If you’re not going for anything too fancy, preparing wraps can take as little as a handful of ingredients and tortilla wraps, which these days can be found in almost any local market. 

Tortilla wraps don’t need any fancy preparations to make good – all you really have to do is warm them over the fire, and they’re set for wrapping! As for the ingredients themselves, it’s really up to you – you can stir fry yourself some quick chicken, put in some fresh veggies and cuts of tomatoes, or just cook the wraps over the pan with cheese for a simple, creamy and flavorful option! 

So the next time you’re hankering for food, but don’t have the time to prepare something fancy, why not cook yourself one of these 5 minute, delicious meals? 

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Georgia Ortiz