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The environment also plays an important role in choosing an apartment. Everyone would like to buy an apartment in a comfortable area. A young family, for example, will gladly take a closer look at the apartment near the park, so that it is possible to walk pleasantly both together, in the future, and with a stroller.  As you go for the house for rent Puncak Alam, or even in Pandan Indah KL, you can find the essential deals.

The Options in General

Generally an apartment for a young family this is a separate story, because when choosing a home, you must also take care of the future, namely, is there kindergartens and schools nearby, are they overcrowded, is there a polyclinic, a leisure center, sports clubs and everything like that within walking distance. 

Agree it is rather reckless to buy an apartment in a house where mainly military people live, because they all have benefits when queuing up for a kindergarten, also choosing an apartment far from a children’s clinic (unless you drive a car, of course) is not the most reasonable option, therefore, if you are looking for an apartment for a family with children, try to take into account all the nuances so that later it will not be “excruciatingly painful” and you do not scold yourself “what the light is on”, but enjoy a comfortable life in your cozy apartment .

Why is the floor so important?

It is difficult to say due to habit or some stereotypes, for some people it is very important which floor the apartment will be on. Sometimes, through filters or through a search, people limit their choice to one floor, most often the second. Also, one of the most common requests is the desire to buy an apartment not on the first floor and not on the last. I wonder what caused the extreme floors to be so disliked by most people. 

The Common Options

Most likely, a wary attitude towards the extreme floors was formed due to the possibility of thefts, in the first case it is convenient to get straight from the ground, in the second – from the roof. But there are many houses where the first floor (by and large) is at the same height as the second, due to the very high basement. Also apartments on the ground floor they may not like it because of the proximity of the basement, from where an unpleasant smell or cold may come, but in most cases this is also a delusion, because modern houses are well insulated, and the back rooms in the form of basements and cellars are isolated. Another mythical disadvantage of the top floor apartments is the current roof.

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Georgia Ortiz