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  As we all know we are in the middle of the global pandemic, the whole world is going through it. Some countries are facing it hard, and some with ease. Nevertheless, the Coronavirus is still living among us, silently infecting one another, and slowly taking lives, and it will be hard to defeat it unless the vaccine is found. With the increasing number of cases in Malaysia, and the government has decided to start the lockdown for few states with red zones like Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Federal Territory of Putrajaya, people are starting to be worried again as we all have to stay inside our house and work from home. This time is not like the previous lockdown, as a lot of people around us are infected, malls are going through the sanitization process over and over again because their staffs are found positive, and new clusters are being recognized, the government are going through a political crisis, and Malaysians are scared of the future of Malaysia. Thus, I think by acknowledging that we are in a good neighbourhood, and in a safe environment, it would help us to live in Malaysia, especially in the Kuala Lumpur area. 

   The first decent housing area would be Puncak Alam house. Puncak Alam is known for their quite distant location from the city and still has everything you need such as groceries malls, retail stores and good education facilities. People in Puncak Alam also have given a lot of good reviews about it. The distance between their house and their workplace is acceptable for wanting a good and safe neighbourhood, they are willing to travel to work. Furthermore, during this lockdown, they will not have to worry about not being able to get groceries, because the groceries market around them fetch enough supplies every day. People do not have to panic about insufficient foods and groceries. Not to forget, that Puncak Alam is also near to Bukit Jelutong, which also a place that you can drive to in a short distance to go for groceries shopping. I am sure that you will be able to find some houses in Bukit Jelutong for sale.

   The next housing area would be in a different state which is Johor Bharu. Johor Bharu is a strategic location as it is located the nearest state to Singapore Island. Most people from Johor Bharu likes to live in Johor Bharu and work in Singapore, for the money currency. Furthermore, Johor Bharu is growing into a big state with their new, fresh, and modern properties for the people, I am sure that Johor Bharu also will be able to provide new working opportunities to attract more citizens to live there. Thus, I do not think that it will be a bad idea for many Malaysians to start their life there. Not to forget, Johor Bharu is one of the states that are still with the lowest number of Coronavirus cases, which gives you more benefits to be able to live in a clean environment with good neighbourhood and great opportunities. Even though you cannot cross the border to go to Singapore, because of the global pandemic, but I am sure you can still be able to get new jobs in Johor. 

   To conclude, there are still many good places in Malaysia, that you can find to build your life. But because of the global pandemic, it got us stuck and not being able to go anywhere. I think with a little bit of patience and time, we can start working back and live normally, as long as we are in this together fighting Coronavirus and live in Malaysia with zero cases.

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Georgia Ortiz