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Technology has seen a massive jump in development in the last 20 years when smartphones are becoming more advanced and replacing dial-up cell phones. While it maintains the functionality of calling and texting like how older phones would, you can access to the internet like how a computer normally would, albeit with a few restrictions. Today, you can find almost everyone holding a smartphone in their pockets or in their hands as they are busy chatting with their friends while walking, which is highly ill-advised to do so. Social media and messaging apps contributed into the importance of a smartphone which motivates even teenagers to get a smartphone of their own. 

Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter are some of the major social media and messaging apps that have grown in popularity since its first debut that they are still being used even today. This would lead to the trend of multiple social media and messaging apps to be developed to compete against each other. However, this would result in some social media apps being absorbed by bigger corporations, with some of the noteworthy social media and messaging apps such as Instagram and Whatsapp being absorbed into Facebook. Although this would mean that they no longer will be able to develop their apps independently, this absorption helps to improve their profitability significantly compared to being an independent developer. This would also lead to multiple social media apps sharing the same feature as well, with Youtube even having its own story feature, which allows users to make a short post that cycles through other users after a few seconds.

Hackers see this trend as an opportunity to increase their profitability of their business by posing as a major government or important figure of the society and deceive their targets into clicking the link they provided or giving their credit card details. Once clicked, the hackers will have access to all of their victim’s personal data, which they could use to deceive more people and siphon off their victim’s money. The elderly are more susceptible to their lies as they are not familiar with how to differentiate between a fake and a real message or call. Although more people are aware to look out for such schemes, hackers are constantly adapting and improving to come up with creative ways to deceive more people easily.

Large corporation companies are also susceptible to hackers as well since their database contains more than just their customers and clients’ private data. It holds all kinds of important data that is essential to the company. In order to protect their system as much as possible, most companies would hire the best pentenst company in malaysia to help them build up a strong defense to fend off against hackers and protect their customers’ private data. However, hackers also have access to the same tools as these pentest companies, which would help them develop a software to penetrate through their target’s defenses.

It may sound like a no brainer, but it is important to doubt any kind of message or call that you receive, especially when it comes from a familiar contact. Most people would not hesitate to click on the link that is provided by their familiar contact and they would not realize it’s a scam until it is too late. For those who have clicked on the link, it is not the end of the world as there are measures they can take before the hacker has access to all of their data, but actions must be taken swiftly.

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Georgia Ortiz