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In today’s rural self-build projects, homeowners have a wide choice of roofing materials, with a wide range of materials available in all sizes, but each roofing material has its own unique characteristics, which are often limited and influenced by the type of roof, the project site environment and the maintenance cost budget. 

Many homeowners are now choosing climate-resistant panels for their roofs, which are durable, easy to install, can be shaped in a variety of ways and add inertia, and can even be found to be self-supporting. However, many homeowners are confused about how to choose between the different panels, so today we will introduce you to the different materials.

Galvanised steel sheets

Galvanising prevents corrosion and oxidation of the steel, so this type of panel similar to metal deck roofing malaysia is largely maintenance free and very durable. It has poor acoustic and thermal insulation and can be noisy in windy or precipitating weather, but they are lightweight and inexpensive, making them a good choice for self-build projects.

Stainless steel plate

Although stainless steel panels are more expensive to build, they have a long life span with essentially no maintenance, so they are very cost effective. Stainless steel panels have good corrosion and impact resistance and can withstand extreme climates, but their surfaces can be scratched or dented and are difficult to repair.

Copper foil

Although copper cladding is not economical in terms of material and installation costs, it can be adapted to different roof forms due to its low stiffness and toughness, its good adaptability to temperature changes, its durability and the final decorative effect is outstanding.

Thermoacoustic metal sheets

Although thermoacoustic metal sheets are more costly than other metal sheets, they offer great advantages in terms of temperature and noise control because they are covered with thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as being more durable and not requiring much maintenance. 

Polycarbonate sheet

The most important features of this type of sheet are its low resistance, lightness, ease of installation, transparency allowing sunlight to penetrate and the fact that it can be made in sheets of different thicknesses. Depending on climatic conditions, insulation may need to be considered when using this type of roof.

Fibre Cement Board

The boards are durable, do not require complex maintenance and remain stable in low temperature conditions. Typically fibre cement boards are available in different profiles, textures and colours and are less costly than other boards. However, it is usually less easy to install due to its greater weight.

Georgia Ortiz