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essentials for newborn baby Malaysia

It’s four a.m. and your baby is still crying. You have tried everything. You checked their diapers. You tried feeding them. You tried singing and cradling but nothing seems to be working. It is easy to feel helpless and ignorant when it comes to being new parents. You are not alone. Many adults have felt useless in the face of their children crying. It happens, and it doesn’t make you a bad person or less qualified. To help you out, we have listed essentials for newborn baby Malaysia to help you navigate parenthood with a good head start. There are many things to help you out when your baby starts crying, and if you are on your way to parenthood with the baby due any day, here are some things you can get to help you out.

1.     Pacifiers

Pacifiers are instruments that you place in the infant’s mouth to suckle on. They can be relaxing and induce sleep. Pacifiers come in different colours and sizes to imitate the nipple and initiate a feeding sequence. They offer a distraction, but, of course, not a substitution to actual feeding. They come in different materials as well with many coming in rubber or silicone, so choose whichever one you think is best and work from there.

2.     Rocking crib

Once you get yourself a self-rocking bed you will not go back. These are perfect to lay your baby to rest while you turn your focus briefly to other things. Some bassinets are battery operated, but not all, so if you want to do the rocking by your baby’s side, you can. The advantage of the battery-run ones is that they offer continuous, consistent rocking to get your baby relaxed enough to calm down from their crying. Some come with detachable baby mobiles to keep your baby distracted and focused on something while they rock. It is a source of entertainment for many infants and works well to put them to sleep. Mobiles can be replaced and modified to provide variation for your child.

essentials for newborn baby Malaysia

3.     A good stroller

A good stroller can make a huge difference, especially if it is easy to manage in terms of folding and transporting. A good stroller can also help put your baby to sleep when they are a bit fussier than usual. Walks are great because the movement can be soothing and help your baby calm down, especially when the weather is cool outside and it is slightly dark. It is a sleep-inducing environment that can get them sleepy in minutes. Make sure the stroller visor is low so that the sun doesn’t get into their eyes if you want to take walks during the day. Choose a path that is not too rocky because this will jostle the entire stroller and be disruptive to the baby instead of offering comfort. 

There are several ways to help your baby stop crying, and many methods are not applicable to every baby, so choose what works for you and your baby.  Rely more on your own skills and not expensive gadgets that may not be effective.

Georgia Ortiz