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Creating a comfortable space to call home is one of the most rewarding experiences for a homeowner. You don’t require a lot of experience to makeover your house or give it a fresh style. It is all down to your own personality, your budget and the vision you have for your house. Your personal taste needs to shine through, while still allowing it to feel youthful and conducive. Student apartments are small, but you can maximise on the space in a few ways.

Maximise On The Space

If your apartment is small, then you need to be careful how you use the space. You don’t want it to be cluttered with too much because this will affect the flow of energy in the space as well as the appearance. For a Tropicana apartment, you could try using a sofa bed as an option. This neat piece arise perfect because they are a two-in-one piece that acts as both a strong and comfortable bed, and a recreational or lounge piece. Sofa beds can be folded and unfolded to save space during the day and turn into a good bed at night. A similar option is the pullout bed. This bed is usually placed inside a cupboard space and pulled out at night, thus keeping the room spacious and well maintained during the day. Having light-colored curtains and glass pieces is a good way to ‘fake’ space. As more light comes into the room the larger it looks.


Include A Study Area

As a student, a place to put your books and study is important. A small desk and chair should do the trick. Add a neat lamp for those nighttime study sessions and make sure your desk is by a socket so that you can plug in your devices. A small bookshelf should be able to carry your books, but if you need more space, you can invest in drawers and put them under your desk. Don’t make your desk too cluttered, so arrange your pens and pencils and all stationary in a pen holder or pencil case, and place yours in a comfortable place.

Lounge Area

The lounge is where you want to relax and wind down after a day of work. This is where you want to feel the most relaxed and at home. You also want your guests and friends to feel comfortable too. One option is to include a couple of bean bags and colourful pillows. These not only transform it into a youthful chill spot, but it also makes it into a second snooze spot for when you fail to make it to the bedroom! Keeping the lounge area wide and open is also important, therefore, make it comfortable yet spacious enough to move around.

Georgia Ortiz