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Not everyone has the ability to cook in the kitchen but now everyone can do it. Men are always related in this matter where they assume men can’t cook as women cook in the kitchen but the fun facts are there are a lot of men chefs out there can cook and there are also some women who do not know how to cook. For this matter, we can never be judgemental and point fingers and bias at some gender. There are always people out there who can’t cook either a man or a woman. But now everyone can cook by taking a diploma in seni kulinari at college. You can learn almost a thousand ways to cook either it is the main dish, side dish, or dessert. You can learn almost everything by taking “seni kulinari” in your diploma. You will also learn how to make your dish served beautifully. You also have the chance to serve your cooks with your own creativity. 

You can learn almost everything by continuing your study with a diploma in college or university. It is the same for seni kulinari where you can learn it by taking a diploma in your college. There you will learn to create something from scratch if you do not have the basics or if you do have the basics in cooking, you can improve your skills and knowledge in cooking. Culinary is not only about cooking, it also about how to serve the food on the table, how to present your food to your customers and a lot other things you will learn in your diploma. As its name itself, seni kulinari, you can guess that you will not only learn how to cook but you also will learn how to make the food itself as an art. If you are taking a diploma in culinary, you will not only use it in your career in future but also as your own skill back in your home. You can help your family in food preparations for big events such as your siblings weeding or hari raya celebration. If before this, all of that was prepared by your mother or your father, or you usually paid someone in order to do the tasks, now you can do it by yourself without need to pay anyone else and ease your mother’s work in the kitchen. If you take the culinary arts back in your diploma, you also can use your skills in cooking to open your own business. To some extent it will help you to survive after you graduate from your diploma because it is hard right now to grab a job and everyone struggles for it. As for you who have a diploma in culinary arts can use that as an advantage and open your own business.

In conclusion, every course in university and college has their own advantages but in this matter you can grab a lot of benefits and advantages if you are taking a diploma in culinary. It will help you in your life to survive.

Georgia Ortiz