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The notary in this case cannot stipulate the deed. If there are discrepancies between the state of affairs and what has been deposited in the public registers, it will be the seller’s duty to re-register the subang jaya condo and any amnesties that restore the regularity of the property, by the day of the deed of sale.

Verification of the state of the building systems

The buyer must be declared – from the moment in which the subang jaya condo for sale is proposed until the deed of sale – the real state of the plant, whether it is up to standard or not. The purchase will take place in the state of law and fact in which the property is located. If the systems are declared to be in compliance, all the documentation certifying their regularity must be provided.

Verification of energy performance

From the moment the property is put up for sale, the seller must declare, on the basis of a document drawn up by a technician authorized by the Region (APE Certificate), the energy class to which it belongs, which will then be included in the deed of sale.

Check the status of condominium expenses

When you enter the property of the new apartment for sale in subang jaya, once you leave the notary, for any expenses not paid by the previous owner, Italian legislation provides for a joint and several liability of the buyer towards the condominium, also for the costs borne by the seller – you still don’t pay. By the day of the deed it is necessary, to avoid nasty surprises, to check the status of the condominium expenses and request that the administrator declares that all the seller’s expenses have been paid up to the amount due on the day of the transfer of ownership.

Verification of the presence of mortgages

Before signing any purchase proposal for a property, another essential check is the presence of any mortgages on the house. If there is a voluntary mortgage (the easiest to find is the one registered by the bank that granted the loan) we must not be afraid. The purchase proposal and the preliminary can be done without risk, but it is essential to underline that within the deed (or at the latest at the same time as the deed) it must be paid off at the owner’s expense. If there is a legal or judicial mortgage, a notarial opinion will be required on how to set up the negotiation to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

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