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Online marketing has become one of the most effective ways to earn benefits for businesses. Online marketing is also playing a vital role in selling products and maintaining customers.  In the year 2015, the online business earned a lot thanks to the holiday shopping season. With the strong help from the sales from promotional days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online retailers received an increase in their sales of 15% as compared to the previous year. Thanks, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the retailers could earn approximately 3.07 billion and become the largest online sellers ever. 

In a recent study, it was found that almost 51% of small businesses have a proper company website, even though almost 97% of customers search for products and services on the internet.  Without a website, the disconnect between small businesses and the growing number of potential customers who search and decide which business to choose based on their research on the internet might become the reason many entrepreneurs are losing millions of potential customers and benefits they could earn through them. Many successful businessmen have encouraged the small or big companies to have their own websites so that they can make sure that they are not missing a huge amount of the population that could be shopping at their physical or e-commerce store. 

In today’s time where competition is fierce, a website not only assists small businesses in the promotion of their products but also helps small businesses in selling their products and services. Through a website, small businesses can also distinguish themselves from other competitors. It also helps the businessmen to secure those clients who rely heavily on the internet to learn anything about a company. It will not be wrong to say that a website is the best asset of a company to share its detailed information, building credibility, and shining out in crowded marketplaces where the competition is fierce and tough. 

According to a recent report, it was found that almost 97% of the United State of America small businesses with a website recommend other small businesses to also develop their own company website to promote and maintain their businesses. 

In another study, it was reported that almost 84% of the United States of America’s small businesses agreed that their websites are of great significance and critical for their businesses. If you want to grow your business then develop a website right away as almost 50% of businesses still do not have a proper company website. If you do not know how to design a website then simply find an expert and ask him to design a website. If you are looking for an expert then Jumix can be your destination. Jumix is the best website developer company in Penang as it has designed multiple websites for various websites. A website template plays a very important role in engaging potential customers. Therefore, a website should always be easy for customers to navigate and use. 

Georgia Ortiz