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Santa’s Coming!

Well, We’re still in the middle of 2011 and I’m sporting this bold Christmas-like color-block trend. This look is so extreme and colorful, I need to tone down my accessories. Anyway last night I had a really great time with a friend, I watched Transformer 3, finally! And is it just me or do you agree that the movie sucked?

I think the first half was pretty okay, until they made it a 3 hour and a half movie. The movie was so bad I kept on thinking when the movie was going to end. I think Rosie is very pretty and all, her body is indeed amazing BUT, she’s a terrible actress. I was expecting her voice to be all bubbly and light, but her voice is very.. deep. I think she just have to stick to modeling. Patrick Dempsey though, McDreamy delivered a really great job, I didn’t see him coming though as a villain. I thought he was going to be the good guy. Thank God the movie was funny and those cars.. I want to have those cars, I’ll sell it and buy a bunch of bags, clothes, and shoes. Speaking of which, I need a new bag!

Anyway, enough with the rambling.. Prepare your eyes haha

Georgia Ortiz