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Malaysia is a wonderful place and home to some of the most diverse people. We have harmonious multicultural citizens who live together peacefully and who also enjoy being at the company of each other. Malaysians are also proud about our delicacies such as Nasi Lemak or satay which have been long standing favourites of ours. Whether you’re a tourist or just a curious Malaysian reading this article, we hope you can benefit from the things you can do in Malaysia. Trust us, it’s fun.

In most countries there are public holidays related to one race or religion that is most prioritised. However, in Malaysia due to the diverse history, there are actually several public holidays all dedicated to various members of the nation. Due to the massive influx in public holidays, there are also certain holidays that are exclusive to certain states such as Federal Territories day which is exclusive to Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. On this holiday, no other states besides the ones mentioned before have a holiday. Hari Gawai is also exclusive to the people of Sarawak. Not everyone can say their countries have a lot of public holidays due to the various races and religions.

Next is food. In certain countries, you can only eat what’s known within the country. For example, in the states, you can find a lot of fast food or family restaurants that are made within the country but not in Malaysia. Here you can find food from various countries due to the rich heritage and history of the people. You can find Indian food from the Indian people here but at the same time you can also find some authentic Chinese food from the Chinese people here. If you want some Italian food, you could probably find some good restaurants in more affluent neighbourhoods and even more in major cities like Kuala Lumpur where they’re not uncommon.

Malaysia is also home to the rainforests where foreigners come by to admire nature. Why think forex trading in Malaysia when you’re here but instead think about the lush rainforests the country has got to offer. Malaysia is also home to the largest flower on earth which is the Rafflesia. The Rafflesia only grows in Borneo which is the west side of Malaysia where Sabah and Sarawak reside. You should take a hike around the mountains and take a deep breath when you’re in the rain forests. Since not many countries own rain forests, consider it a once in a lifestyle experience.

Finally, go to a mamak restaurant. What is a mamak restaurant you may ask? Well, that is a place which is very much popular in Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are not many restaurants but there are many mamak restaurants. It’s called such due to the number of Indian Muslim’s known as Mamak running these restaurants. They offer inexpensive food which comes in a variety and if you want something different, they can do that too and in a short time as well. These restaurants are well-known for their quick and tasty meals.

Now that you’ve learnt the things you can do in Malaysia; we hope you do all of them when you visit here. Although you can’t visit till the pandemic is over, we hope you can visit Malaysia as soon as all travel restrictions are over to have some rest and relaxation.

Georgia Ortiz