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Vibrators are a common thing nowadays, and whenever we mention “vibrator” the only thing that comes across people may be something fetish for sure. It is undeniable that vibrators are labeled as the obscene object which is just used for satisfying sexual needs only. Therefore, in this article we are going dish about the use of vibrators before it was implemented in the field of masturbation or self pleasure, so without further ado let’s jump into some background history and facts that have been proven that this check out this site from Secret Cherry’s vibrator was more than just meeting your own needs.

Invented To Treat Anxiety And Depression

The first vibrator was invented in effort to treat anxiety and depression, which was caused by female hysteria. The invention of the first vibrator can be dated back circa 1869. The female hysteria was a somehow labeled as medical condition, where George Taylor a physician invented the first ever vibrator by treating the vulva or clitoral massage which then was upgraded into vibration features where this improvement was able to bring some sort of relief to women who were mostly suffering with this popular female hysteria back in the 18 centuries.

The Introduction Of Masturbation

In the back of 1968, modern back massagers were manufactured and invented which was used to help massage our backs. But then, this back massager somehow turned out to have another great use which not only for back pain purposes but also in helping someone to reach orgasm by themselves by utilizing this back massager wand. It was said that Betty Dobson, a New-York based artist, used this back massager wand for masturbating purposes. In addition, with that, it is believed that this New-York based artist started to promote this explicit activity to many women to help them with satisfying their own sexual needs.

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Vibrators Are More Better Than Penises

It is known that vibrators and also dildos are far more better in making women to orgasm or to reach their climax way more effective than having a real sex where the penis is trying to do all the work. Most of the time, women can’t orgasm properly due to the inaccurate penetration that they receive from penis which is also not as strong or pleasurable compared to a vibrating dildos or vibrator. Hence, throughout centuries, many womens have resort to using vibrator or sex toys which has vibrating features to help them satisfy their sexual thrist.

Sex Toys Are Just Not For Masturbation Purpose

It is important to know that vibrators or dildos are not for masturbation purposes only. These devices can be used for BDSM, roleplay or even for foreplay reason to enhance the quality of your sex life with your partner by being naughty and erotic. This will allow each other to explore your other half more openly, by just being yourself and relaxing throughout the process while the other are penetrating you or performing other sexual activities.

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