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During your high school and college years, you are likely to be urged to travel, study, or work abroad. You may overlook or dismiss these opportunities since you plan to travel later in life because you appear to have a lot on your plate. I would advise anyone of any age to travel, but the sooner you can learn the lessons that travel teaches you, the better.


You’re still trying to figure out who you are and getting ready for school and a career when you’re young. Travelling abroad may offer you skills and experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life and provide you a competitive advantage at work.

The top three reasons to travel abroad while you’re still young are as follows:

1. You’ll push yourself to do things you’ve never done before.

The problem is that you learn best in fresh and demanding situations. In our daily lives, you know how to act and react to people and your surroundings. When you’re in a new region with new people who have different views and go about life in various ways, all of that familiarity is wiped away (or not so differently, as the case may be).

It’s scary at first, but after you learn you can connect with individuals despite their differences and handle novel situations, you become a smarter, more capable person. Accept that you will be uncomfortable.

2. Travelling boosts self-assurance

When you overcome hurdles like figuring out how to use public transportation in a foreign country or asking for basic things in a grocery store, you acquire confidence and the ability to adapt in unfamiliar situations. I moved to a state where I had no relatives, friends, or relationships when I returned home. Previously, the prospect of such a transfer could have horrified me, but I reasoned to myself, ‘Well, if I can do it in a completely alien system, I’ll be fine in a spot where I can at least communicate.’

You learn that, despite the hurdles, you are capable of accomplishing goals, and the challenges begin to appear less obstructive and more like welcoming trials.

3. You’ll Become More Culturally Aware

Cultural values and norms are not only fascinating, but they may also help us better grasp international issues and disagreements, as well as relate to a foreign business partner’s cultural norms. It’s an important skill to be able to switch perspectives and see things from someone else’s perspective.

Cultural awareness will help you communicate more effectively on both a professional and personal level.

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Georgia Ortiz