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The tourism industry has well grown over historical museums, memorials, and fancy parks. Functional and modern hostels are demand-based in the world of tourism for the budget traveler. 

Malaysia is one of the biggest countries for travel in Southeast Asia. We are also the home to dozens of backpackers who want to experience the best of Malaysia without splashing thousands of dollars every night. 

Hostels in Malaysia cater to backpacker tourism and it is important for architects and designers to create spaces that are appealing to even the most discerning travelers. Before contacting the top architecture firms in Malaysia, it is important we understand some basic famous trends in hostel architecture

  • Compliment The Skyline

Our favorite part of traveling is the time we get to unwind after a long day of exploration. Whether we are in a fancy hotel or a cheap hostel, we look for the gorgeous roof terrace where we can enjoy a sip of wine and mingle with friends before bed. Hostels are meant for socializing, this is where we make long-life friends and have cute meet love stories. It is important that even the tiniest of hostels capture the essence of Malaysia with a hip hostel roof terrace, maybe topped off with bean bags and a bbq space. 

  • Interconnected Spaces For Socializing

Again, the ambiguity of the hostel is the socializing aspect. Noone goes to hostels for privacy or to stay to ourselves. Research and our experiences suggest that primarily young crowd of backpackers prefer to see a community area that connects the reception, the kitchen, and the dining area. Architectures and designers must understand the importance of receptions and staff in easing the social life in the hostel. Hostels often operate with self-service kitchen and dining rooms. This makes the kitchen the meeting point for literally everyone in the hostel. Does not matter which nationality you are or what racial background you come from, the well-connected spaces ensure connections we make with other people. 

  • Integration Of Culture 

The hostel is a reflection of the country’s tourism. Visitors tend to expect a certain level of cultural roots in the design of the Hostel. For instance, a hostel in Greece may have greek columns while a hostel in china could be made of bamboo. A hostel in the Maldives may be adorned with palm leaves and white sand in the dining area as well as the reception while a hostel in Malaysia has some hints of Islamic architecture. 

  • Dripping With Natural Light And Greenery

Sufficient arrangements must be made for elements of green and open space to make the hostel desirable. Greenery brings a personal effect to the individual and instantly turns the hostel into a somewhat healing space. With the integration of natural lighting or artificial lighting that mimics indirect warm light, the rooms become a memorable space for every visitor. 

With all of these trends in mind, we hope you choose a suitable design and a theme for your hostel. Whether it is jungle or industrial-themed decor, architecture plays an important role in how the individual perceives the hostel. 

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Georgia Ortiz