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Over half of all women use a vibrator, yet like female orgasm itself, these fashionable sex gadgets are cloaked in mystery. Is it true that vibrators are only good for masturbating, or can they also boost coupled sex pleasure? Is it true that overusing a vibrator can cause your vagina to go entirely numb? For answers to these and other pressing questions, we turned to the experts, and compiled this list of the most important and interesting vibrator facts any woman should know. You may also go to this website to get the best vibrators online in Malaysia sold here at Secret Cherry.

The first vibrator was designed to aid sad or worried persons.

Physician George Taylor is credited with the invention; his initial device, created in 1869, was designed to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and despair in females, which was then referred to as “hysteria.” Hysteria was relieved by vulval or clitoral stimulation followed by vibration, resulting in “hysterical paroxysms of relief” in the women. Customers had access to vibrators at the turn of the century. In the early 1900s, they were also available in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. collection.

Unlike penises, vibrators give regular orgasms.

Why are vibrators used by more than half of the female population? This is because they are dependable and never tire as long as you have a charging cord or new batteries. Furthermore, just 18% of women orgasm merely as a result of penetration, according to a research. The clitoral stimulation that most women require to climax is provided by a vibrator. Vibrators are extremely effective orgasm instruments. A vibrator, especially for busy, tired, stressed, or low-libido women, accelerates arousal significantly more quickly than any other way.

best vibrators online in malaysia sold here at Secret Cherry

Vibrators are used for purposes other than masturbation.

According to a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 80 percent of women and 91 percent of men who have used a vibrator have done so with a partner at some point. Vibrators are a great way to add variety to erotica. They can help women come when their sex partner doesn’t, or they can be a one-of-a-kind ‘let’s shake things up’ rut-buster. Males, in case you didn’t know, are likewise enthralled by vibration.

Numbness in your vaginal region might be caused by your vibrator.

Vibrator-induced numbness, on the other hand, is rare and only lasts a few minutes. Only 11% of women have reported “occasional numbness” after using a vibrator, with only 3% reporting it on a daily basis. If you’re having trouble with pins and needles, try changing the settings or moving the angle or placement of your vibrator to see if that helps. You can also take a break and let your body relax.

It makes a difference what your vibrator is made of.

When selecting a vibrator, silicone is preferred over all other materials. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t have any pores. Dirt and bacteria can accumulate in porous or permeable materials (such as jelly vibes), which can then be transported to the vaginal region, producing an imbalance or discomfort. Wash yours on a regular basis to lessen the risk of infection, regardless of the material it is made of. After each usage, soap and water or antibacterial sprays are required. In addition, a silicone vibrator may be put in the dishwasher.

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