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If you grew up hating big leafy greens, then you probably did not have a taste of it’s benefits and tastiness. Leafy greens are not as dull, boring and disgusting as movies, cartoons and series make it seem like. Leafy greens are more than just your average popeye-inspired spinach bags and lettuce.  

There are so many different types of big green leaves, all with their own unique benefits. And all of them being the horsepower of a healthy heart, healthy immune system and a healthy physique. You can have your supplements to give you the nutrients but it does not beat the freshness and richness of a big bowl of greens. 

Eating green leaves in abundance is part of our balanced diet for very good reasons. Do you know what eating greens do to your body? LEt’s take a look at how it transforms your health!

Stronger Bones 

Strong bones are associated with the benefits that come from eating green leaves. There is a high content of nutrients and vitamins such as Calcium, vitamin K and magnesium that are associated with giving us better bone health. So if you are having some knee pains and joint pains, it might be time to double up on our big green leaf content. There are also studies showing that 45% of hip fractures are prevented as a result of leaf consumptions. Some of these leaves include goods like broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts. 

Lowers Risk Of Heart Diseases And Blood Pressure 

Leafy greens are the healthiest addition to our lives and it is no surprise that these can dramatically change the health of our heart, simultaneously improving our blood pressure. Lowered blood pressure has been associated with eating one serving of big green leaves everyday while cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases are likely to decrease by an 11% as a result of green leafs. 

Clearer Vision 

A lot of different fruits and vegetables have been associated with clear vision. Our mothers told us to consume more carrots and apples so that we can avoid wearing spectacles. But fruits and other colourful vegetables are not the only thing that prevents eye problems and vision issues. Big green leaves such as spinach also help improve our eyesight in the long run. It will help maintain and preserve and get better. 

Brain Power Goes Up 

Brain power comes from green vegetables. Green vegetables are avoided by many but it should not be because it is one of the more powerful vegetables that help improve our memory in the long run. It can prevent diseases such as alzeihmers and help us develop better long term memory. So if you have a knack for forgetting little things in life, maybe we need to check up on how much we are eating greens everyday. 

Better Immune system

A better memory, clearer vision, stronger bones and a healthier heart is not all that is in the bargains of eating green veggies. Green leaves are also recommended to consume since they are great at building up our immune system. In a time where our immune system is in a crisis against covid 19 it is time we are more mindful of our healthy green leaf consumption.

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Georgia Ortiz