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stretch mark lotion for pregnancy Malaysia

So, after numerous tries with your partner, you are finally able to get yourself pregnant as becoming a mother is your wish. However, you are clueless as you have no idea on what it’s like to be pregnant. In this article, we will give out points on what you will expect during pregnancy.

Mood Swings

If you find yourself having mood swings during pregnancy, it is completely normal. Do not worry if you find yourself having more mood swings than before as your body is going through a huge physical change. Not just that, the hormones in your body are also changing as well. To point out, if you find yourself having anxiety or depression during pregnancy, it is advisable to seek medical help from a doctor as, not only it will be unhealthy for the baby, it can also affect your mental health.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common for mothers around the world. This is perfectly normal. Although some mothers will be insecure by the stretch marks, there are stretch mark lotion for pregnancy Malaysia that can make your stretch marks to be less visible, and also make your skin look smoother. Unfortunately, there are no cures that will make the stretch marks disappear, it is better to minimize the impact.

Weight Gain

Even someone who is as thin as a wood stick can gain weight during pregnancy. Although, this may not apply to everyone. To note, you will expect to gain weight during pregnancy as your blood volume increase leads to a gestational weight gain. Try to maintain a balanced diet during pregnancy to avoid gaining too much weight.


During pregnancy, you will feel more tired than before because a baby is growing in your tummy. When pregnant, there will be hormonal changes in your body. Your body will also naturally produce more estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy as a way to act as a sedative. Your energy level will decrease and thus, making you feel more fatigued.

Morning Sickness

You will find yourself having morning sickness by experiencing the feeling of nausea, and actual vomiting. To point out, you will find yourself feeling like vomiting throughout the day, and this is perfectly normal.

Extra notes

Make sure to avoid any unhealthy consumption such as taking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, and so on. As a mother-to-be, your role right now is the eat as healthy as you can to ensure your baby to come out to this world as healthy as possible. You do not want your baby to suffer from health complications. Not only it is saddening to your baby, but it is also saddening for you.

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stretch mark lotion for pregnancy Malaysia

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