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Most high end casinos have a dress code, whether it is for the entire establishment or for a single event, it may differ from casino to casino. But most if not all high end casinos require you to wear formal.

This is to create an ambiance that can provide a top quality experience for visitors. It gives this sense of high-end classiness as you play with your money. “Never has risking my money felt so classy!” you may say as you don you 3-piece suit or lovely cocktail dress.

The Basics

So when a casino asks you to wear formal, you can bet your dollar that they mean suits, dresses, slacks and so on. Don’t roll up to the place wearing a tank top and jeans, they will definitely not let you in! 

Although some degree of casualness is permitted, do not go overboard with it.

But in some casinos the dress code may not apply for the entire establishment, if there are private poker rooms, you can wear more casual outfits in them if you are invited. Or if you just stick to the slots machines away form the main floor of the casino. 

It is usually the games on the main floors with the large crowds that you have to be careful with in terms of your attire. 


So for the lads, a suit with a tie is recommended with a pair of slacks and a pair of brown or black formal shoes. You can even don a bow tie if you like too!

If you are trying to go for a more casual look then at the minimum, you should at least wear collared shirts, jackets, blazers, non ripped jeans, khakis and clean shoes.

So smart casual.

What you should avoid wearing are graphic tees and ripped clothes or dirty shoes.

If you want to wear sneakers, ensure that they are clean, and in the colours of white or black. Some men may feel uncomfortable in formal shoes so wearing more comfortable sneakers are an option.


And for the ladies, an evening dresses or cocktail dresses are recommended with a pair of heels or flats. Jewelry is completely optional but wearing them does really make you shine and it may complete your look. If you are not all about dresses, then you can wear slacks.

If you are opting for the smart casual look, then you can go for something that you may wear in the office as the top, with a pencil skirt at the bottom. Or a midi dress.

Same like the men, you should avoid wearing ripped or dirty clothing. If you want to wear pants, than do not go for jeans or tights. 

I should add that if you are worried for you comfort, you can wear flats as you will be standing around a lot and most casinos do not ask for high heels specifically. 

I know it may sound like a lot to some, but if you really want to avoid the hassle of abiding to clothing regulations, there are a ton of websites like V online casino website out there for you to check out, it brings the exhilarating experience of gambling right into your home!

What to avoid

OK, so we already mentioned the pieces of clothing you should avoid wearing, but I feel like we need to dedicate a section on what not to do as well to further elaborate. 

So we know that clean shoes is a must, but remember that closed toe shoes are also a must, so ladies, avoid wearing shoes that are open, and men, do not even think of coming in with Birkenstock’s. 

But yeah, general rule of thumb, just avoid any clothes with rips in them, even if they are there for style. Make sure they are cleaned, and if you are wearing white shoes, clean them, if you are wearing black, give them a polish if needed.

Keep these tips in your mind the next time you are heading to a large casino and you will be fine!

Georgia Ortiz