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Masturbation. A term usually associated with the male species, as they portray it in films and media. However, women masturbate too. More often than usual. The media rarely demonstrates female masturbation as it is a subject that most people are unaware of. People often associate masturbation with words like ‘unhealthy’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘dirty’. They consider masturbation as a selfish and unnecessary act. 

However, it is the opposite of that. Yes, masturbation may be a selfish act, but for many reasons. The act does satisfy the primal needs of a person, but for the greater good. Women masturbate for similar reasons men masturbate. To obtain some form of satisfaction and to gratify the need for sexual pleasure. 

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Those are not the only reasons one should masturbate. There are many other reasons you should masturbate, especially if you are a woman. Here are a few reasons why you should masturbate. 

Reason 1: Masturbation helps you sleep

Masturbation is the act of getting you somewhere with a high note. It releases all that pent-up tension and stress. At the end of a stressful workday, masturbation allows you to let go of these feelings through an act that leaves you satisfied and happy. At the end of the session, you feel completely relaxed and ready to receive a good night’s sleep. 

Reason 2: Masturbation allows you to feel comfortable with your body

The body is the keeper of your soul. It will be with you for the rest of your life. So, one way to feel comfortable with it is to explore it. One day, you will be sharing your body with your partner during intimate sessions. These sexual encounters should leave you satisfied. 

However, if you are unaware of what your body likes and dislikes, you may not enjoy these sessions. Masturbation allows you to investigate these questions about yourself. 

Once you have started exploring your body by masturbating with your hands, you may want an upgrade. Do not hesitate to invest in adult toys such as dildos, vibrators, and plugs. These toys can help you with many areas of pleasure. Secret Cherry offers the best vibrators for women in Malaysia. Check them out for an array of vibrators that leave you happy and relaxed. 

Secret Cherry offers the best vibrators for women in Malaysia.

Reason 3: Masturbation relieves you from menstrual pains and aches

Menstrual pains can leave you exhausted and frustrated. Although there are other methods of relieving this pain, why not go for the method that is most enjoyable?. There is no need to halt your sexual escapades with your body just because it has decided to bleed from the inside out. So far, there have been no major studies that prove that masturbation during your menstruation is wrong or hurtful. Actually, it does the opposite of hurting you. Masturbation encourages the uterine to contract, and during your period, your uterine shed blood while it contracts. Hence, increasing the contraction just eases the speed of the bloodshed, which decreases the pain. So, do not worry about getting your hands messy and masturbating during your period. 

These are just the main reasons why you should please yourself. At the end of the day, you should just go for it if you feel sexy or want to explore your sexuality. 

Georgia Ortiz